Saturday, 6 February 2016

What's Next??

I have two projects in mind for new novels.

One is the fourth novel in the Anna Nolan mystery series. Anna and her long-distance lover, Sergeant Charles Tremaine, go on vacation to the beach town she grew up in on Lake Huron. Anna wants to introduce him to her estranged father, and Charlie thinks it's time Anna mended some fences with her dad. The problem is, someone holds an old grudge against Anna's father which has been festering for years and finally erupts, with murderous implications.

Anna's home town will have a fictional name, but I'm going to model it after the beach town of Port Elgin on Lake Huron. My family vacationed there almost every summer when I was growing up, renting a cottage for a week at a time, and I have fond memories of the place with its tree-lined streets leading down to the beach. Now that my husband and I have moved back to Ontario, we've managed to visit there at least once a year. Here are some pictures of the beach and dock area. Did you know that Port Elgin has the world's best sunsets?


My second project is a new historical mystery series. I love Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher novels, which are set in 1929 in Australia, and I love the art deco period too, so I'm inspired to write my own historical mystery series set in Waterloo, Ontario in 1920. My female amateur sleuth will be wealthy and stylish, of course. I won't give away too many details at present, plus I've got a lot of research to do, but I promise it will be fun!

Here's a post card of three art deco-styled Winter beauties, just to get you in the mood.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Singing Lessons in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

Okay, I'm branching out today to tell you about my talented husband, Reid Spencer. He is an actor/singer/teacher who has performed with The Canadian Opera Company, the Stratford Festival, and Drayton Entertainment, to name just a few. He's also acted in movies, television, and commercials. He has taught in the music departments of Memorial and Mount Royal Universities, and is currently teaching for the Musical Theatre Department at Sheridan College. He also adjudicates at music competitions.

One of the talents my husband has as a voice teacher is the ability to fix problems with a singer's technique. They should call him Dr. Fix-It - yes, he has a doctorate degree. He doesn't just teach repertoire. He teaches people how to sing. And he can teach in various styles, which is unusual, because he performs in a variety of styles. Opera, classical, jazz, musical theatre, pop. He can do it all.

Reid has just opened a private voice studio in Waterloo, Ontario, and is currently accepting students. So, if you are an amateur who sings with a local choir, a secondary-school student who wants to prepare for university auditions, or a professional who wants to work on a problem, some new repertoire, or maybe cross-over to a new style of singing, Reid is the teacher for you.

Contact Reid through his website:

Ages sixteen and up, please.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Holiday Mystery: Tidings of Murder and Woe

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, someone is mysteriously dying! That's right, who doesn't want a juicy murder mystery to read when you need a break from shopping at the malls?

Anna Nolan and friends are back in this award-winning series. Tidings of Murder and Woe is a page-turner with plenty of plot twists, dashes of humour and romance, and even a little Christmas baking.

Christmas can be murder on families, especially when your mother is Julia Moreland, the CEO of a big oil company. Julia has a secret she’s about to announce to the press, but someone is sending her threatening notes, warning her to keep her mouth shut.

Anna Nolan’s boss, Magdalena, is dating Julia’s stepson. Soon she’s asking for Anna’s help to keep her boyfriend out of jail. But Anna doesn’t want to get involved. Two criminal investigations in one year are already more than her nerves can handle.

Will Anna get the peaceful Christmas of her dreams, or will it be filled with murder and woe?

4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon

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